Monday, April 18, 2011

Quick tip I just learned!

    Sorry everyone I really want to try to keep this up to date but I just went back to work so be patient and Ill do my best to keep you informed Im really hoping for some good food deals this week and next!

   Any way my tip for the evening is an awesome one that I actually thought wasn't allowed but have come to find out it is!    Say you have a buy one get one free coupon for shampoo (or whatever) you can also use a coupon for $1.00 off one! Becaus tech your buying two! Im pretty sure you can't use a coupon that would be $1.00 off 2 because then you would have needed to buy 3, but Im not 100% sure on that one when I find the answer I will let you know!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


One last deal for the late evening/early morning!

  I have looked over the flyers again and again and again this week to see what the best deals are with the VERY least out of pocket because at this point I am really not in NEED of anything so I need something to be almost free for me to purchase it......
          witht he exception of the Olay Soaps at Dollar General (which by the way they sell a 2 pack at Walmart for $2.49 and with the $2 off coupon it makes them .47 a piece, pretty nice) and clearance items you can find by chance....

the only real deal I have found is on Gillette and Old Spice Body wash at Rite the same insert as the Olay coupon you will find buy one get one free coupons for both of these body washes! The Rite Aid price this week is $2.99 ($1 cheaper than its normal) with the buy one get one you get them for $1.50 and they are larger bottles so its a pretty good deal, not to mention on the first 2 (without a coupon ) or 4 (with the B1G1 coupon ) you get back $2up dollars if you have a Wellness card from Rite Aid so if you buy four and use 2 B1G1 you tech get 4 bottles for $4 making them $1 a piece !

Also in the same flyer is an Air Wick Oil Warmer for $.88 and there is a coupon floating around for $1 off one warmer making it free!

Still looking for other deals in this weeks flyers that cost little to nothing out of pocket but otherwise just waiting for next Sundays flyers hoping for better offers and matchups!

Cool way to get things cheap without even trying!

  One big tip I am quickly learning (although I tried to avoid) is to take all of your coupons with you to the store. The reason being is that often times stores run sales that aren't advertised and you could miss out if you don't have your coupons with you.

      Another trick that I never really even considered is to go to the clearance section of the store ( yes most grocery stores have one!) You can use your coupons on those items also making them an awesome bargain!! I spent about an hour in the Wal-mart clearance isle tonight wishing I had brought all my coupons with me!

    One last quick trick! Read your coupons carefully and follow the rules but one quick way to get an overage is that if a coupon says on ANY of a particular product always buy the SMALLEST one they have and even go to the travel section where most items are $1 if you have a $2 off Any you just made a fast Buck! For instance I had a Men's Degree Coupon $1 off any...went to the travel section and got a travel size for $.97 no big overage but totally free!!  Same with a tide coupon I had $1 off 2 of any tide detergent and in the travel section they had 1 load packets for $1.00 so I got 2 ...$.50 a piece not bad especially if your are stocking up for a vacation!

A few tips mid week!

  Sorry I really had hoped to have some more tips up for you by now but as you moms know our work is never done!

My personal free! finds are a deal at Dollar General ......If you look in your sunday paper coupons from I believe 2 Sundays ago in the Procter and Gamble Section there is a $2.00 coupon off Olay Soap/Bodywash it just so happens that Dollar General has OLAY Bodywash on clearance for $1.50 (in the clearance section not the soap area). On the alternate coupon page there is $1.00 of other soap when you buy Olay Soap (Zest, Safeguard, etcs.) Dollar General has 5 pack on clearance for $1.50 . If you use the $2.00 coupon on the Olay you get .50 overage . Then you get the Zest or whichever soap for $1.50 minus the $1.00 coupon and you already have a .50 credit from the Olay making you total $0!!  For those of you in Weatherly I already hit up our store. (Sorry!)

Here are some great deals on some groceries at Weis that are on sale this week!

Thanks to FortheMammas website!

I promise Ill come back with more ideas as soon as I get them ! Hope this helps for now!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Walmart Trip Number One Total Bill $147.42 Paid -$2.13 (They paid me!)

Items Puchased

10 Similac Sensitive Ready to Feed  $3.84 ea x 10= $38.40
10 Similac coupons $5/1 ($5 off One) = -$50
$11.60 in overage (extra money left over from the coupon to put towards other items)

2 Franks Red Hot Sauce $.98 ea = $1.96
1 $1/2 coupons ($1 off 2)
.96 or .48ea

12 Scotch Brite Sponges $.84 ea x 12 = $10.08
6 $1/2 coupons ($1off 2) = $6.00
$4.08 or $.34 ea

2 Suave Deodorant $.97 x 2 = $1.94
Suave Coupon $1/2
$.94 or $ .47 ea

Starkist Tuna Pouch $ .78
Coupon $.50/1

4 Colgate Toothpaste $1.74
4 Coupons $1/1
$.74 ea

Motrin PM $3.97
Coupon $2/1

2 Snuggle Dryer Sheets $1.87
2 Coupons $1/1
$.87 ea

Ky Jelly $2.62
Coupon $3/1
$.38 overage

Similac Advantage Simple Pac $21.00
Similac Coupon (in mail coupon) $21.00
Similac Check $5.00
$5.00 overage

9 Similac Advantage $5.50 ea x 9 = $49.50
9 Similac Coupons $5/1
2 Similac $5.00 Checks ( Tech you can use 1 Similac Check per item but we didn't need to)
$5.50 Overage

Items Purchased at regualr price without coupons ( I had a 3 yr old decided she wanted a few things)
4 Jars Geber Baby foo 3 x $.63 1 x .$46
Candy $1.00
Lays Chips $ 2.50
Reach Floss $.97

Total $147.42
-$145.34 in coupons & checks = -$2.13
They gave me $2.13 change!

I started off planning my trip today knowing I wanted to use some of my Similac Coupons I then came across a listing of all the $1 or less deals at Walamrt for the month of April. Little did I realize at the time that I would have enough overage to pay for the other items I was planning to take advantage of at cheap prices! So you see even if you didn't purchase formula you still would have paid much less than normal by stratigic planning and coupon searching.  All of these coupons I used I cliped from the newspaper and only printed about 4 from online. .com has tons of printable coupons
IF you would like to find out if you can get certain coupons online search this database (search bar to the top left) For all the Walmart Deals under $1 this month!!! There are alot!!

Good Luck Shoppers Please let me know if you have questions!!

Please excuse any typos its late!!

Getting Started!

          There are several ways to use coupons. Some people use them regardless of the item price, others use them to save a little money off their usual grocery order. Some match up coupons to sales and other wait for the extreme deals! No matter which one you fall into I hope this blog helps!!

     I tend to find myself as one not only looking to save money but for the extreme deal because in the long run I will be saving even more! The #1 misconception about Extreme Couponing is that you can immediately start buying all the things you normally buy for close to nothing. You see sales revolve and products are usually only on sale every 6 months. Coupons on the other hand come out frequently, its all about timing and patience.  Basically in a nut shell if you are reading this blog to get your usual grocery order free or nearly free you have come to the wrong place and honestly will have a difficult time doing that. Extreme couponing is about stock piling and purchasing items at the best time and lowest price (we really like free!!). If you are patient and work hard over several months you can create a stock pile of products you do use and maybe some you have never tried!
    I want to begging by credting the show that got me started "Extreme Couponing" on TLC as well as , a website/forum run by the orginal Extreme Couponing show. Along the way I will list more helpful sites but we must start slow!
   #1 Question I get asked: How do you do it?....the goal of the coupon is to match it to a sale price of an item and get it to be free or even make money off of it (yes that's possible too). Some stores double coupons making this goal rather easy , while other stores offer even lower prices! Each Store(even 2 of the same name store can have 2 different policies) has its own coupon policy and you must check with the local store you intend to shop at before planning a trip! Each week you get you sales flyers and Sunday coupons and you sit down with your store and match up coupons you have to what is on sale! Sounds like a lot of work is but there is help! Luckily we are getting into a hobby that many have started before us and there are sites such as  to do the leg work for us. Then it is up to us to find the coupons and match it to our local store deals! If this all sounds confusing hang in there the shopping trip I will post below should help!

 #2 Question Where do you get the coupons?.... The answer is everywhere! Mostly from Sunday newspaper ( I would suggest to just start out with 2-4 papers it can get overwhelming!), there are also alot of people online looking to trade coupons and friends around you who don't use theirs. There are coupons on products and also some in dispensers at stores! The last resort but a good one when you need a lot of one particular coupon are clipping services. You pay these people a small amount for there time to cut out coupons. Ill post some of these sites later, they are also listed on ebay!